“Just see the animal photo.”. He did not answer questions put to him by members of the press when he turned up, nor were there any fans present. Stop crying and go abroad when your contract is up, hahaha,”. Rapper and BIGBANG member T.O.P will be starting his military service too soon! “The Tongsan Craft Museum operates on Saturdays as a normal work day and is closed on Mondays. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment below! The stage name ‘T.O.P’ was given by Se7en (senior T.O.P at YG Entertainment). Seungri’s enlistment was delayed in March 2019 due to investigations surrounding the Burning Sun prostitution scandal. Of course, going to the army is something you have to do, whether one or two members go to the army, they are still BIGBANG. Many people think he has made a statement that is too harsh, which, of course, will trigger controversy. In speaking about BIGBANG’s impending military service enlistment, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk stated it is the least of his worries as “their talent won’t disappear because they’ve come back from the military”. He successfully passed the test stage for conscription, and served as a police officer. I just cannot accept causing pain to those around me just for my sake. BIGBANG Seungri is the only BIGBANG member who hasn’t enlisted in the military yet, the rest of the members have already enlisted and are now serving well. T.O.P deleted all uploads on Instagram a few days after broadcasting live on February 7, 2020. his decision to delete all uploads on Instagram immediately made all of his fans worry. On March 9, 2017, he moved to the Human Resource Development Training Center in Seoul, and completed his police assignment training. Taeyang will be enlisting next month (Picture: Getty) BIGBANG’s Taeyang is confirmed to begin his mandatory military service in a month’s time. After one year after being expelled from the police, he resumed his mandatory military service in January 2018 as a public service worker. This Big Bang member affected by marijuana issues was suspected of overdosing on sedatives and transferred to the ICU. ‘During the past month and a half, I have received criticism and hate from the public and been in a situation where every investigative agency in this country is investigating me. “Because of lack of oxygen, he (T.O.P) could have damaged brain tissue,” she said. He began his work on February 9, 2017. Seungri will enlist sometime this year after releasing his third solo album. He was even allowed to go home from the hospital. He will enlist as an active duty soldier. T.O.P has the real name Choi Seung-hyun, and was born on November 4, 1987, in Seoul, South Korea. T.O.P tested positive for using marijuana after the results of his hair test came out. In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about T.O.P’s journey while serving his mandatory military enlistment, from police officer to public service worker, and also his controversy during enlistment. I always feel sorry for fans,” said T.O.P. T.O.P’s first solo song was on BIG BANG’s first album. Source: Wikimedia. “TOP has been taken to the ICU and is receiving intensive care. Please wait for his health development,” said one source from YG Entertainment. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. Actually, this drug use occurred in 2016. YG Entertainment announced earlier that BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon and Taeyang are both waiting for their notices on their enlistment. I am under investigation, and I will receive investigation with sincerity so that the building suspicions can be revealed. He was assigned to join a police officer unit at the Gangnam Police Station as a member of a special band. For the sake and honor of Big Bang and YG, [my career is] ending here. T.O.P‘s upcoming military enlistment has made a lot of their fans sad, but it seems like BIGBANG‘s rapper felt a bit overwhelmed too. The former BIGBANG member was photographed arriving at the 6th Infantry Recruit Training Center … Because there were new regulations implemented in 2018, his military period was shortened. “I won’t make a comeback in Korea. Why did he delete all of his uploads on Instagram,” said another fan. The BigBang star has enlisted as part of his mandatory military service, and although he didn’t hold an official farewell event, fans turned up to watch him enter the military facility. But ever since G-Dragon, leader of the hit K-pop boy band Big Bang, enlisted on Feb. 27, his army unit has been overrun with fan mail, the Korea Times reports. See the kpop military enlistment table below. The former BIGBANG member was photographed arriving at the 6th Infantry Recruit Training Center in Gangwon-do. “Yes! In summary, TOP will be enlisted for military service latest by Feb 2017 and will likely be serving as a police cadet. A source close to T.O.P said the rapper was unconscious due to an overdose. A lot of people are getting worried about BIGBANG’s enlistment, [like] T.O.P, he is currently attending university so there are no plans to enlist until next year.” “They will release another album this year. He got a lot of love and made a lot of money as a celebrity, but now he is getting criticized for the crime he committed,”, “So, what exactly does he want us to do?”, “So he doesn’t want to make a comeback in Korea, but instead broadcasts live on Instagram in Korean? He wants to enlist soon to “minimize [BIGBANG’s] … Holding a black bag in his right hand, he bowed to waiting photographers before moving on. T.O.P always gives the latest news on his personal Instagram. Responding to the news, YG Entertainment, which oversees Big Bang, expressed their apologies. However, not a few fans also hope that T.O.P’s decision is only temporary. People in Korea are very bad.”. Actually, was scheduled to complete his duties as a public servant worker on July 8, 2019. “Top deleted the upload on Instagram. Until now, the T.O.P’s agency, YG Entertainment, has not provided an official statement regarding the words of T.O.P through his Instagram. After successfully struggling from his critical condition, T.O.P finally regained consciousness. Since 2007, his solo song was titled “Big Boy.” T.O.P, Taeyang, and G-Dragon appeared together in the single ‘Super Ply’ for Lexy’s album Rush. This makes Seungri the last BIGBANG member to enlist in the military, the other four members enlisted back in 2018 with the exception of T.O.P who enlisted in 2017. In the Instagram live, T.O.P claimed to only want to give news to fans. Mar 9, 2018 - BIGBANG’s Daesung has confirmed his army enlistment date! He recently made a surprising statement regarding his future career. Meanwhile the remaining four members of BIGBANG, which debuted under YG Entertainment in 2006, are set to continue with G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung in the line up at Coachella this year. No doubt that statement caused a strong reaction on social media. Shortly after his remarks became a byword, T.O.P deleted all of his Instagram posts on February 11, 2020. On March 8, according to BIGBANG’s agency YG Entertainment, the group is set to drop a new song after the members’ military enlistment. “I won’t make a comeback in Korea. The upcoming track is considered as a … Hopefully this incident made him aware. T.O.P previously took the test on October 25, 2016, and enlisted in the military. The reason is that he deleted all uploads on his personal Istagram, @choi_seung_hyun_ttop. T.O.P was convicted by a Seoul court on July 20, 2017, for using drugs several times, and the court gave him a 10-month prison sentence with a two-year probation. Shortly thereafter, YG Entertainment staff then sent a mass message to fans informing them that T.O.P would greet fans in a certain place, without the presence of the media. People in Korea are very bad,” said T.O.P. They also revealed that the condition of the performer was not at all severe, but the news was not true. T.O.P began serving in the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul in February 2017. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Various media in Korea reported that T.O.P was not unconscious, but only fell asleep and could not wake up due to overdose of sedatives. But the schedule was accelerated by two days because the museum where T.O.P was placed was closed on Monday. Previously, T.O.P began his mandatory military service from 9 February, 2017, to 5 June, 2017. BIGBANG’s Taeyang and G-Dragon have enlisted in the army, joining T.O.P who is working as a public service worker for his mandatory military service. On 11 March last year, the 1,2,3! I really don’t want to do it. He was caught using marijuana, and was eventually removed from his military duty as a police officer. BIGBANG T.O.P突袭老板杨贤硕 最晚2月底入伍 (Flash player required) < Prev The bad news was released to the public from the official statement of the Seoul Police, South Korea. Because of this, there will be a lot of opposition from Korean fans who are actually quite loud in commenting. T.O.P was known to have begun serving in the army since February 2017. Shortly thereafter, the agency that houses T.O.P, YG Entertainment, confirmed about the artist’s condition. I see my son dying but I see the news of my son reportedly only sleeping. Though it is unsure when will the boys enlist in the military, the group’s leader G-Dragon revealed his thoughts about his eventual mandatory military training. Trying not to worry too much,” wrote one fan. The Seoul Metropolitan Police said the disciplinary review committee concluded he was inadequate to continue his work as a police officer. Once stopped, Big Bang’s T.O.P finally resumed his military service in January 2018. That was all for the information about T.O.P’s journey while serving mandatory military service, from police officer to public service worker, and also his controversy during enlistment. However, because he was involved in a scandal over the use of illegal drugs, his military service was temporarily suspended. I really don’t want to do it. Profile of Topp Dogg’s Former Member Hansol (Name, Age, Height, Tattoos, and Facts). All able-bodied men in South Korea are required to complete a minimum of 21 months of military service before the age of 35. While Big Bang’s G-Dragon has been undergoing his service, he once reportedly had to be rushed into the military hospital to have ankle surgery. T.O.P will be the first member to finish his military service since he enlisted first. They gave information and confirmed that T.O.P did not violate the rules. We provide you with the latest Korean news. The remaining four BIGBANG members will be discharged before 2019 ends with T.O.P being the first (check out the discharge dates here). ‘I would like to sincerely thank all of the fans both in and out of Korea who have shown me love for the past ten years. She said that her son received intensive care and used breathing apparatus. (Even in the most simplest ways). Back in January he was indicted on charges of mediating prostitution services and habitual gambling. I’m not even sure if you feel yourself currently behaving normally,”, “Please do a drug test on him, please check if he is sane,”, “Why did I like this person before? Fans gathered to greet the idol, who was reportedly seen leaving the Yongsan Administration Office, the location of T.O.P’s work since January 2018. BIGBANG Taeyang’s military enlistment date is also announced! Following fellow BIGBANG member G-Dragon, Taeyang has also confirmed his military enlistment date. Please edit and don’t say things like that. Leader G-Dragon also assured fans that BIGBANG will “stay with you all (fans) for a very long time”. He was seen leaving the office through the back door, and was caught on camera when he entered the car. Chanyeol’s Sister Got Married! As is known, in February 2017, T.O.P had begun his mandatory military service as a police officer at the Gangnam Police Station. “Is T.O.P all right? BIGBANG 's Seungri will be the final member of the group to enter the military, having confirmed his enlistment date. The singer, real name Lee Seung-hyun, was dressed in a black hooded jumper, a black jacket and black tracksuit bottoms with grey trainers. We don’t know how it will turn out. SEOUL • Last year, former BigBang singer Seungri (left) was slated to report for mandatory military duty, but his enlistment date could not be confirmed.. Read more at straitstimes.com. Once again, we apologize for making you worry,” wrote YG Entertainment. BIGBANG's T.O.P is currently serving in the military as part of his mandatory service, and it's now been reported that his discharge date will be earlier than previously predicted. Despite the looming mandatory military enlistment of Big Bang members, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk expressed confidence that the group will stay on top as a … (Photo : BIGBANG / Facebook) T. O. P will be heading for the Nonsan Bootcamp Army … On February 15, YG Entertainment confirmed the news that Taeyang is entering the military as an active soldier this coming March 12, 2018. T.O.P, who was undergoing military service, caused a stir in 2017. “We apologize profusely to the public. Here Are the Details About Park Yoo-ra’s Wedding! So, stay tuned! mother. They claimed to have known that before T.O.P registered for military service. UPDATE: BIGBANG Gdragon Has Finally Been Discharged From The Military, Welcomed By Hundreds Of Fans For Gdragon, who enlisted back on February 27 of this year, he will be discharged on October 26, 2019, 31 days earlier than his initial discharge date; he was supposed to be discharged on November 26, 2019. The K-pop idol enlisted in the Korean army for his mandatory military … Discharge datesContinue reading … Subscribe for more up to date videos : http://goo.gl/oGfOyV Follow us! He later pleaded guilty to all charges and regretted his mistakes. T.O.P’s mother felt hurt that her son who was critically preached was ‘just sleeping’. The Hallyu industry has an inherent brake in its system: mandatory military enlistment for all able-bodied men aged 18–35. He was assigned to join a police officer unit at the Gangnam Police Station as a member of a special band. As a result, Choi Seung-hyun will finish his last working day on Saturday July 6, and be dismissed at six o’clock that night,” the Yongsan District Office said.

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