Made the mistake of putting a water based valspar transparent stain on it right after install. Thanks again. Use the water test to check your deck every few months to ensure the sealer is still repelling water. If you succeed in getting it off, stay away from the SW wood stains as they have issues. My husband and I will be staining siding or what I believe is redwood exterior paneling. The Redwood will not be as rich as the IPE and redder in color. Thank you. Our plans are to sand the exterior siding and stain it with a semi-transparent stain, However, I’m wondering how you would go about doing so. Plus you can keep it looking like new by simply refinishing it every few years. How about we use Linseed oil for preservation? A Fast and Easy Way to Update Your Deck Is that correct? Even though the wood has been neglected or become gray in appearance, had multiple stains or coatings applied to it over the years, it can be saved. Should you choose water based or oil based stains and sealers? Again these unwanted items need to be removed before reapplication of the coating. I was told TWP Total Wood Protector is the best to use on Redwood decks would you advise TWP or is there a better one?? How to you choose transparent, semi transparent, semi-solid, or solid coatings or stains? I read your article indicating you should wait to stain the redwood. We use Sherwin Williams but are open to any product or manufacturer. Hello, love your articles and reviews! We are expecting rain in a week. I would prefer to not “seal” with a clear finish, but would like a safe surface for food & drink. That makes the extra work worth it! Ask Questions Below on Staining New Redwood Decking, What happens if I paint my new sawn redwood while it is still damp, Hello, great information! Refinishing a deck with oil was a long process but the results look so good. I live in the Denver metro area and just had a new redwood deck built. Is it recommended to treat a new redwood deck with insecticide while waiting for it to dry out before sealing it? Do you recommend brushing or rolling on the stain? One of these brands: Although redwood is naturally resistant to decay, it can still be damaged by wet and dry conditions, constant moisture, and freezing/thawing in colder climates. The new ones (finished yesterday) are still red. New untreated. Our deck has ipe railing. Call us today at (916) 424-4008 for a free estimate. © 2020 We have seen the tannins extracted and discoloring from the weather. Without staining, the wood could also crack. It get snow/rain/leaves and sticky leaf debris from the popular trees every year, but not much sun. Clean and brighten all for prep. Refinishing a wood deck is a fairly simple DIY project, which brings out the deck’s natural beauty and protects it for years to come. I just had a new redwood deck built. To stain an old redwood deck it is important that the surface be clean of any dirt or debris. What to do? You have to use a tinted stain/sealer if you do not want the wood to gray in a matter of months. KP. Hello, we have a rough sawn redwood fence. Deck Stain Secret#1: Sanding is Key for Longest Deck Finish Life Sanding is the single most important thing you can do to prep wood for a good deck stain or deck refinishing job. New Redwood Deck 2. Some have said to use “Lifetime Wood Treatment” – which they say lasts 10 years, is organic – but turns it a dark silver grey – whereas I’d like to be able to have the colors show that I am seeing now. Clean, Strip, or Sand the…, This post was most recently updated on May 31st, 2020. Would it be best to use a cleaner then brightener for new deck installation? Here are some photos.Also, how do you discern how... Disclaimer My questions are as follows: 1. what should we do to remove the existing stain and some mildew spots – can we scrub with a brush and solution? Do everything in the Spring. See here for the top stains:, TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain Review 2020, 62,000+ Questions, Answers, and Consumer Product Reviews. Deck cleaners are formulated to clean a deck surface whether it has a stain or sealer on it or not. Just one coat. Clear (untinted) stain/sealer means you will have zero UV protection from graying. This is first and foremost a help site from our experience as wood restoration contractors. Over time the horizontal portions of the surfaces will receive sun, moisture, and debris that lands and embeds itself into the grain. Thanks, How do I remove it and restore to original Redwood color? No, that would vary based on the brand of stain you are using. This isn’t a deck question, but what would be the best treatment for a redwood picnic table & benches ? The home is all redwood and was stained a dark red/brown. The sander will also remove these, but you'll save sandpaper by washing the deck first. Should I let it weather a few months even if it will be snow covered and below freezing all winter? Redwood is not as readily available as other types of wood, which makes it more expensive. Apply stain to the entire length of each board before moving to the next to eliminate lap marks. It Rained Shortly After Staining. New untreated Strip and brighten for prep and stain with ones of these brands: Stain after. Partial shade The wood is soft enough that coatings can easily penetrate and adhere to its surface. Also, can I paint the tops of the lath with white paint to minimize UV and moisture damage to prolong time before restaining? All Rights Reserved. Would it be easier to sand the paint off or strip? How do you know which one to choose? I was planning on sanding to work the tannins and grime away then seal. Stripping it and brightening now and planning to sand as well. Our Redwood deck refinishing maintenance process will consist of most of the main redwood refinishing process. He got many “waterproofing spots” on the unfinished top of the boards. A semi transparent oil based redwood sealer may hold up for 1 year before it needs to be serviced in the coastal areas of Newport Beach or Laguna Beach but holds up in Los Angeles for 2 full years. Can we wait till spring in Colorado or should we stain before? All help is welcomed thank you!! 6. Does it make more sense to stain the steps and the risers both now, stain the steps now and stain the risers in a few months, or wait and stain everything in a few months? Thank you for help in advance. I have started sanding with 80 grit by hand but it is 300’ and am I continuing to degrade the wood? The darker or richer the color, the better the UV protection. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved. Tops are 2-3. You do not need to pressure wash prior to sanding. Choosing the right finish can help keep your redwood looking exactly how you want it. Use one of these brands: The builder power washed the deck and found that they needed to replace some board which they just did (12/19/2019). Does it need to be above a certain temperature to stain wood? We understand, they will need to weather for several months before cleaner, brightener, and stain is applied. I read that if you are doing a semi solid or solid stain you should wait 12 mo this before staining. Smooth handrails are important for preventing splinters. These tips will help with a new redwood deck. Just installed a new redwood con heart deck in the bay area. Does new redwood need a conditioner Before staining and preserving the wood. It is June. Chances are you have run into one or all of the above and are in search of the best technique to bring back its original state. has become the Internet’s go-to site for exotic wood deck staining tips. Power-wash the deck to remove old finish, mold and grime. What color did you need up staining your redwood fence? Clean, Strip, or Sand the Deck? If we don’t prestain how do we address that! For years many have turned to the painter and handyman for these tasks only to receive mediocre results. It will be stored outside, and being in northern IL it will see winter weather. If the main deck surface is in relatively good condition, you may choose to sand only the handrails and perhaps do some spot-sanding in damaged or discolored areas. If we use TWP clear cost how long do you think it will take before it grays and we will need to clean / brighten again and re apply the clear? No need to stain all sides and that actually is not suggested by most stain brands as it does not allow the wood to breathe and can cause dry rot. Mildew is not a problem for us. Redwood deck washing, chemical stripping, low pressure maintenance washing, redwood deck sealing, redwood deck staining, repair and installation work, and low pressure house washing for vinyl and aluminum siding are limited to parts of Maryland and Northern Virginia. New redwood deck installed Sept 1. Do you recommend I go with the TWP 1502 Redwood for stain and seal? Redwood is already naturally resistant to insects and termites. No need. We want to match it to the other red wood in the area. Redwood Look at one of these brands:, What type of prep would you recommend? Redwood’s unique cell structure allows it to hold finishes better than other woods. Will this be a problem during the 2-3 months while we wait for it to acclimate and dry out? 4 months is October. It is impossible to maintain the current color as it is in the picture. A two-part cleaning system like Restore-A-Deck works well. I installed a redwood gate with side panels was planning to use SuperDeck transparent stain – natural 1910 should I wait few weeks to treat? I think I need to clean and stain. Thank You. There is 2 coats of paint currently on the redwood paneling, gray and green. Categorized as a softwood because it comes from a coniferous tree, redwood contains a high amount of resin, making it naturally resistant to moisture and insect damage. What is the best way to get rid of the spots/stain. We have a large custom deck that gets massive sun exposure on most of the deck and lots of pool water.. We have been using the Flood UV but find the surface oxidizes by the end of the summer and chips & cracks off and it is a MAJOR project to do ever spring. Redwood Wood and Concrete Exterior Resurfacer Model# 6505 $ 163 71 /pail $ 163 71 /pail Free delivery. Using a pressure washer or scrub brush, apply a wood cleaner to the surface and work loose any dirt, grime, and gray wood fibers. How should we proceed with staining, now or later? What should I do to restore/keep the red color? We would not paint the top white. Make sure to prep well first. I have some new redwood steps in front of my house. Staining a redwood deck is necessary if you want the wood to retain its beautiful hue. If you have been putting off painting your deck because you are dreading the hours of sanding off the stain, get ready to enjoy a much faster, easier experience. Pour the borate solution into the pump sprayer and apply it to the deck and railings to kill algae. How do I remove the Cabots so the deck looks freshly laid so I can let it age to follow your guidelines. New redwood deck – How long before applying stain or varnish to unseasoned redwood? Hi there, We have a new redwood deck and its been 2 months now, what would be the earliest you would recommend before staining? I have just completed a 32′ section of raised garden planters using a construction grade 2 x 6 redwood with variations of heartwood and sapwood. Main entrance stairs. Surface preparation is key for any deck finish that you want to last. Hello there… we have just installed a new Redwood deck around our large tree in the backyard. Just the exposed side after install, wait, and prep. The wood looks beautiful, and I need to decide what to put on it. What is the best stain to use on it! Our relentless redwood deck refinishing services consist of restoration, care, repair, and maintenance done right the first time. See here about new wood: Start with the deck railings, then the deck floor, and any steps lastly. We put them in about four months ago so they have been weathering since then. With regular maintenance, Redwood decking can … What type of finish should I use? New redwood deck laid, sanded and stained with Cabots Australian Timber Oil. I live in the greater Philadelphia area (Pennsylvania). The most common mistake made by painters, handymen, and contractors is using the wrong products or over application. 4.8/5... Why is the Deck Stain still sticky? Mix a 50/50 solution of water and cleaner for reasonably clean wood, or use the cleaner at full strength for extremely weathered boards. Question or Post a Review…. WoodRx 2 gal. Armstrong Clark Stain or Restore A Deck Stain. I’ve used Armstrong Clark in the past with good luck on fence and trellis. We are well versed in performing work in all areas of Southern California throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, and San Diego. 4. The posts will be installed first and fencing material later as time and money allow.

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