Earn reward points for each installment paid. Just log on to Citi Mobile ® App/Citi Online or call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Service on 1758 2484 (CITI) today and convert your transactions into installments. It can be conveniently availed through Citibank … Step 1: Log in your Citibank Online account. Balance Conversion allows the conversion of outstanding balances to installment but with the following exclusions: Cash Advance transactions, monthly amortizations of existing installments, Casino / gambling transactions, interest charges and fees. Apply now! Citibank offers easy loan options for credit cards users, convert your purchases to flexible installment plans to suit your needs. Balance Transfer Via Instalment Pay in monthly instalment up to 36 months. Balance Convert is a credit card installment facility which allows select principal Security Bank Credit Cardholders in good credit standing to convert their outstanding balance of at least P10,000.00 to an installment plan. theres a lot of points im not getting claimed every day and i hate it hahahahaha. - A minimum conversion of $500 applies. 012 Eligible “FlexiBill” and “PayLite” Installment Loan only includes the first 8,000 “PayLite” Installment Loan in relation to any individual transaction made by Citibank banking account/ATM/Debit Card and “FlexiBill” and “PayLite” Installment Loan in relation to the Credit Card current statement balance or … 017 At the left navigation menu, select "Installment Plan Booking", then select "Spending Conversion". Is it worth it? Enjoy financial flexibility with HSBC's Balance Conversion Plan. • An interest of 1.5% - 1.9% monthly reducing rate on the outstanding balance of the installment plan • Simply buy anything you wish for and convert the transaction by calling CitiPhone Monthly installments shall be due for payment & will appear in your next card statement after availing of the balance consolidation offer.    Citi PayLite is a facility offered to Citi Credit Cardholders to convert their purchases into easy monthly installments. If the ₱2,000 fee is a far better option compared with the 2% monthly compounding interest, then it's worth it. Apply for credit card from a wide range of selection at Citibank Malaysia. Installment Free Credit Card Payment. - You may select transactions you want to convert into installments and repay the remaining balance in full without interest. Balance Convert is a credit card installment facility which allows select principal Security Bank Credit Cardholders in good credit standing to convert their outstanding balance of at least P10,000.00 to an installment plan. Transfer your credit card debt from other banks' to a brand new Citibank card and convert them into monthly instalments. You can repay the transaction amount in convenient installments for up to 48 months. It does not, and should not be construed as, an offer, invitation or solicitation of services to individuals outside of the United States. Learn more. 014 Though, I can strongly suggest to increase your payments to somehow minimize the interest payments. Whether you want to upgrade your favourite gadget, consolidate your credit card balance, pay school fees, or buy a new … At the top menu, select "Services" then select "Card Services". Below RM2,000, - For the current Terms and Conditions, please click here. *Application for Balance Transfer is subject to further validation and credit approval by Citibank ®.The converted monthly factor rate may vary depending on your credit performance on your Citi ® Card. Transfer balances from any credit card in the Philippines–BDO, BPI, Citibank, or Metrobank credit cards–to a lower rate. To apply, simply leave us your contact and our sales representative will call you back on the next business day Yes Click here to avail now. Your browser does not support JavaScript! Mobile Promotional interest rates will almost always be lower than the regular interest rate on your card, otherwise walang mag aavail ng promo. Manage your statement > It can be conveniently availed in just a few clicks, via Citi Mobile App/ Citibank Online. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Alternatively, call CitiPhone at 03-2383 0000 (Kuala Lumpur), 04-296 0000 (Penang), 07-268 0000 (Johor Bahru) or 1800 82 1010 (Sabah & Sarawak) anytime, any day to request for Dial-For-Cash. Click here for Citibank Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan Terms and Condition. Click here for Citibank Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan Product Disclosure Sheet. Simply log-on to your EastWest Online account and click the “Convert Now” button beside your qualified unbilled transactions.    Steps to Convert CITIBANK Credit Cared Purchase into EMI Login to your CITIBank Credit Card Netbanking Go to Credit Card Account Summary and select your credit card which you want convert into EMI - Better financial management by consolidating all your other bank credit cards balances to Citibank credit card. and its affiliates in the United States and its territories. We understand that life presents endless possibilities. Installment Loan. Plus, enjoy the … - Existing Citi cardholders. You can check the status of your Fixed Payment Option at anytime by logging into Citibank Online Citibank Online. Citi credit card member can also convert transactions into monthly installment via CitiPhone Banking at 0-2788-7518 0-2788-7518. Then click “Convert to installments” to confirm. ... With chargelight you can convert transaction to light installment plans Low Rates,Convenient for Big Purchases and Easy Application. The approved Balance Convert amount must not … If you wish to apply for Citi PayLite, you will need to apply for a Citi Credit Card first before contacting us to book a Citi PayLite. Fill in your details below to apply now! Benefits; HSBC’s Card Balance Conversion Plan is limited to select HSBC credit cardholders (“Cardholder”) of good credit standing. You may convert every transaction paid by your card for at least PLN 100 into installments: Existing Citi cardholders may apply for Citi PayLite by logging on to Citi Mobile ® App, Citibank Online or via SMS sent to your registered mobile number. Your browser does not support JavaScript! Not a Citibank cardmember yet? Thanks. Installment Loan. You can convert bill payments, cash withdrawal, fund transfer or debit card purchase transactions with amounts that meet the minimum of $1,000 and within your Citi Card's available credit limit. ... Balance Consolidation. Apply Now! Pay Your Citibank Credit Card Outstanding In Easy EMIs. Flexible monthly instalment tenure of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months.
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