This plant will spread to about 2-3' and may get a little taller. Features medium sized leaves which are oval and grow outward to a point with tight spacing along narrowly branched stems. Dark green foliage throughout the year. One of the dwarf varieties, it can add a lot of texture to your garden. It is very popular. Vigorous growing boxwood when young. With a distinct pyramidal shape, it will develop into a wonderfully upright, vertical accent in your yard. Jun 21, 2016 - Buxus x 'Green Mound' Green Mound Boxwood. 24 - 36 inches wide. Easy to cut. Green Mound Boxwood Green Mound Boxwood Buxus. Add to Cart. Created by Old House Vineyards. Keep well-watered, especially in late fall before the ground freezes. Green Mountain Pyramidal Boxwood has handsome foliage with reliable green color. Now, you’ll reap the rewards of stunning looks, hardy strength and versatility in your own garden. Our Green Mound Junipers are ready to perform, long before they ship and arrive to your door. All rights reserved. They can be pruned any time of the year, and used for topiary, hedging, and stand-alone specimens. Print Quantity. Grows into a lush mound of glossy green. Green Mound Boxwood (Buxus 'Green Mound'): © 2020 Chicago Botanic Garden. It is often referred to as being in the “Green Series” of boxwood (see ‘Green Velvet’ for more information). Nice compact, more or less globular shape. The poster child for traditional formal gardens, boxwood has seen its ups and downs in popularity over the years, but it always seems to bounce back. The dark green foliage holds it colour throughout the year. ‘Green Mound’ is somewhat susceptible to boxwood leafminer and shows variable results in tolerance and susceptibility to boxwood blight. A charming dwarf variety perfect for small-space gardens. Green Mound Boxwood (Buxus 'Green Mound') BUKS-us 'Green Mound' Deciduous Perennial Shrub in the Buxaceae Family Plant Data: Mature Size: 24 - 36 inches tall. Maintain a mulch around plants. Hardiness: USDA Zone 5. The bronzed leaves will typically brighten as spring temperatures rise and then be covered as new foliage appears. Produces a small, lush mound of emerald green summer foliage. Rounded Foliage Color. Green Mound Juniper can grow 6 feet wide or more at maturity. Green Mound Boxwood Buxus 'Green Mound' . Unless they are planted on a very windy site or are at risk of salt spray, you do not need to wrap them with burlap for the winter. 0309. ‘Green Velvet’ is a broad-mounded, compact form (B. sempervirens x B. microphylla var. Naturally oval form and dense foliage is perfect for low hedges. To minimize bronzing, avoid … Buxus 'Green Mound' Green Mound Boxwood. ‘Green Mound’ will bronze slightly in winter especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Dense upright form with bright green leaves that retain their color through winter. Be the first to review this product. Smooth-margined, narrow-elliptic leaves (to 3/4" long) are glossy dark green. Because boxwoods are easy to manipulate and maintain into so many different shapes and sizes, they can always find a home in formal settings. It is often referred to as being in the “Green Series” of boxwood (see ‘Green Velvet’ for more information). Site Produced by Clarity Connect, Inc. Insignificant, green-yellow-cream flowers are fragrant. They can be pruned any time of the year, and used for topiary, hedging, and stand-alone specimens. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have or help you with the ordering process. It is very similar in shape to ‘Green Mound’ but slightly smaller. Common name: Green Mound boxwood. Prune in early spring. Notable specimens can be found at The A.M. (Mac) Cuddy Garden, Strathroy, Ontario. It may be sheared into edging and other formal applications. Boxwoods grow best in loose, well-drained soil. Needs winter protection. And with their timeless glossy green leaves, they easily add elegance to any garden space. © 2020 NVK Nurseries All Rights Reserved. Buy today! You can also train Green Mound Juniper to grow up a stake where it will make an attractive, cascading topiary specimen. It is a slow-growing hybrid shrub that may eventually mature to as much as 4-5' tall. Dark Green Sun Exposure. Boxwood are versatile shrubs and easy to grow. 'Green Gem’ is a cold-hardy hybrid boxwood with a spherical habit. - This boxwood produces a mounding form with dark green relatively fine textured foliage. Availability : Many In Stock. In the spring, the green gem boxwood produces small, white flowers, which are … insularis × B. sempervirens. Boxwoods can tolerate full sun to full shade, dry to drought conditions, and a range of soil types. Description. Green Mound Boxwood Growing and Maintenance Tips: ‘Green Mound’ should be pruned lightly in late winter or early spring to maintain desired habit. Green Gem Boxwood makes a fine choice for the outdoor landscape, but it is also well-suited for use in outdoor pots and containers. It may be sheared into edging and other formal applications. Green Mound Boxwood. This variety is suitable for low hedging as well as specimen planting. Write a review. The Korean parentage makes Green Mountain very cold tolerant. Created on: 01 Apr 2016; Updated on: 01 Apr 2016 Order your own Green Mound Juniper today! Opposite, glossy, dark green leaves are evergreen. Then English Boxwood, or ‘Franklin’s Gem’, ‘Green Gem or ‘Green Mound’ will fit the bill, depending on where you live. Broadleaf evergreen. koreana) of boxwood that will mature to 3-4’ tall and as wide. Pale green flowers are inconspicuous. Evergreen. Approximate Size. Experiences some bronzing in winter cold. Thinning is not necessary but, as with any boxwood, will help increase airflow and sunlight penetration into the interior of the plant which reduces the chance of disease. Whether you grow it as a low-lying shrub, groundcover or even a bonsai, our Green Mound Juniper is a must-have. Usage: Small Space Gardening, Container Gardening, Mass Planting, Drought Tolerant, Hedging Uses: Small specimen, low hedge, foundation plant, edging, parterre or knot garden, containers, Substitutes: ‘Green Velvet’, Chicagoland Green™, ‘Little Missy’, ‘Justin Brouwers’. It can be used either as 'filler' or as a 'thriller' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination, depending on the height and form … Green mound boxwood. Keep this in mind when planting them near driveways, streets, and lawn areas, providing them sufficient room to grow, and you might never need to prune them. It has few other pest or disease issues when planted and cared for properly. Boxwoods can tolerate full sun to full shade, dry to drought conditions, and a range of soil types. It is similar to ‘Green Velvet’ but more rounded in its natural shape. Foliage often retains good green color in winter. In many landscapes, it will reach its 15 year size at a moderate speed then very slow growth afterwards. Natural cone shaped form if left unsheared, excellent hedge. The green mound is a low hedge shrub, featuring medium-sized leaves in an oval shape. ‘Green Mound’ should be pruned lightly in late winter or early spring to maintain desired habit. Deer resistant. The small, dark-green leaves hold their color well against the winter winds. Comments: This evergreen shrubs will grow to 3' tall and wide and matures as an attractive mound of dark green foliage. supposed to be a good species for forming hedges b/c of it's mounding tendency This cultivar grows quite slowly and keeps a nice compact form with a minimum amount of pruning. Plants can be sheared or pruned to make a hedge. May 5, 2012 - Green Mound is a very full Boxwood with a fairly wide growth habit. Buxus x 'Green Gem' SKU. Foliage often retains good green color in winter., pub-2883770955439945, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 The commendable trait of this plant is that the foliage maintains its green color throughout the year. Young plants benefit from winter protection (burlap wrap) in an exposed location. Sun (Location is sunny from late morning to late afternoon), Part Sun (Location is primarily shaded from late morning to late afternoon), Zone 4 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature -30 F to -20 F), Zone 5 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature -20 F to -10 F), Zone 6 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature -10 F to 0 F), Zone 7 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature 0 F to 10 F), Zone 8 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature 10 F to 20 F), Edging (Mature size of 2 ft high and wide or less). Full to partial sun. 'Green Mound' is a compact, rounded, broadleaf evergreen boxwood that typically grows to 2-3' tall and as wide over the first 10 years. These evergreen shrubs can fit well in a variety of garden areas used as borders, edging, topiaries and globe forms. The Green Mountain Boxwood is a premium boxwood selection that is ideal for creating medium-sized hedges and upright specimens. It features dark green foliage that is densely packed in a mound shape. Comments: This is another of the hardy Sheridan Nurseries boxwood from Canada. Boxwood 'Green Mound' (Buxus hybrid) Join the Club to Manage Your Garden Plant Details; Basic Care Instructions; Detailed Care Instructions; Features. 1m x 1m Shape. Ht: 50 cm Spr: 50 cm Sun Shade Zone 5. Green Gem Boxwood. Green mound Boxwood Growing and Maintenance Tips. Brand : Rockwood Forest Nurseries. It leafs out early, but retains its foliage all summer long and grows in sun or shade. Use hand pruners or shears. Young plants benefit from winter protection (burlap wrap) in an exposed location. The rounded shape adds a fun, sculptural quality to the landscape. Introduced by Sheridan Nurseries in 1976, this has emerald green foliage and a large leaf size. Effective Price : Regular price $30.00 Add to wishlist. Plants benefit with 2 to 3 inches of mulch to moderate soil moisture. Protect from windy sites. New growth is a bright green and provides good contrast in May and September. Small, somewhat inconspicuous, greenish-cream flowers in terminal and axillary clusters bloom in April and May. Do not cultivate close to boxwood plants because of a shallow root system. Green Mound Boxwood. It is much more cold-resistant than ordinary American boxwood, so if you live in a colder area, this is the ideal plant for those decorative cones and pyramids that bring such a classic look to any garden. They are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the species as there are as many as 70 varieties of boxwood plants. Pick Japanese boxwood or American boxwood for warmer states, or the very popular ‘Green Velvet’ as a general-purpose hedging or specimen variety. Use hand pruners or shears. ‘Green Mound’ is a cold-hardy hybrid boxwood with a spherical habit. Family: Buxaceae (boxwood family) Distribution: hybrid: selection of Buxus sinica var. This evergreen shrub typically grows 2 to 4 feet (0.6-1.2 m) in height and width. Despite glossy foliage and pale green flowers, green velvet boxwood (Buxus "Green Velvet") stays true to this model. Another great feature of this boxwood is that it is prune and shear tolerant. Moderate growing 5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide. The foliage becomes slightly bronzed during the fall. Cutting grown. Green Mound is a compact, rounded, broadleaf evergreen boxwood with glossy, dark green smooth-margined, narrow-elliptic leaves. The Green Mound Alpine Currant is a nice, hardy selection that stays dense and rounded. Part Sun Additonal Info. Green Mountain Boxwood is a pyramidal form that is a cross between English (B. sempervirens) and Korean (B. microphylla) species. Life form: Evergreen shrub.
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