Snow is seen once or twice in a generation; violent hailstorms occur. She realized the doorbell had rung not once but twice. 2. CK 1 1887146 I checked it twice. He practised law in New York and Philadelphia, was chosen mayor of Philadelphia in 1828, and in 1829 was appointed by President Jackson, whom he had twice warmly supported for the presidency, United States attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, a position long held by his father. twice example sentences. But there are more than twice as many visible in the early morning hours as in the evenings, and during the last half of the year there are also more than twice as many visible as during the first half. After his return to Paris, where from 1384 onwards he filled the position of master of the college of Navarre, and took part in a violent campaign against the chancellor of Notre-Dame, he was twice entrusted with a mission to Clement VII. Once or twice he shrugged his shoulders and raised his hand to the kerchief, as if wishing to take it off, but let it drop again. So long was the publication delayed that it was generally believed that Temple Franklin had sold all the papers to the British government; a French version, Memoires de la vie privie (Paris, 1791), was retranslated into English twice in 1793 (London), and from one of these versions (by Robinson) still another French version was made (Paris, 1798). Limbs very slender; posterior nearly twice the length of the anterior. Elijah Fletcher, a New Hampshire clergyman. The return trip from Grand Junction had taken Dean twice the usual two hours, a slalom of ditched autos, snow plows, ice and stopped traffic. They do not represent the opinions of in height, but towards the top of the mountains they are sometimes as much as 15 or 18 ft.; they are built entirely of rough stone without mortar, and I reckon that on an average each wall retains not more than twice its own height in breadth, and I do not think I saw a single break in them unrepaired.". More pictographs were carved in the rim, and she circled the fountain twice before finding what she thought was the beginning, marked by pictures larger than the rest. Trotter's prides itself on never serving the same dish twice, so you are unlikely to find the exact same dinner as previous guests. That chinchillas have not under such circumstances become rare, if not extinct, is owing to their extraordinary fecundity, the female usually producing five or six young twice a year. Through 1995 with the Seahawks, Robinson met Elway twice a year. He devoted much time to explaining the meaning of the various parts of the Prayer-Book, and held services twice every day, at which many of the parishioners attended, and some "let their plough rest when Mr Herbert's saints-bell rung to prayers, that they might also offer their devotions to God with him.". 2. Evelyn tried to get her to eat twice, but she couldn't stomach it. He'd drawn up on her twice since she arrived. We don't know when it happened so we tried twice to hit the time and struck out and called it quits. He was twice prolocutor of the lower house of convocation for the province of Canterbury. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words. A " sounding tube," say an inch in diameter, and somewhat more than twice the length of the jet tube, is then lowered over the flame, as in the figure. 3. never thought twice about any life taken until now. During the war of 1812 the Nantucket fleet was the only one active; it suffered severely during the war, and in the decade1820-1830Nantucket lost its primacy to New Bedford, whose fleet in 1840 was twice as large. Yes, the sentence is grammatical, if somewhat awkward. Alex pulled the horse to a sliding stop and fired twice into the air. A " perfect engine " receiving and rejecting steam at the same temperatures as the actual engine of the locomotive, would develop about twice this power, say 1400 I.H.P. Its aqueous solution has a faint sweet taste, and is dextro-rotatory, the rotation of a fresh solution being about twice that of an old one. I was curious if you could use "ni" twice in a sentence, AND then use "he" in the same sentence. It was captured and retaken by counter-attack twice between 6 p.m. on twice the vertical projected area of one girder, treating the pressure on the train as a travelling load. It was Amalric also who set him to write the history of the Crusades which we still possess (in twenty-two books, with a fragment of a twentythird) - the Historia rerum in partibus transmarinis gestarum. 3. I know there is no general rule of using 'will' twice in a sentence so I want to understand where I can use it. However, it's not very often used. We have already shown that St Paul twice quoted from the Greek text of the Testaments. Alex feigned and then hooked Josh's leg again with the toe of his boot, sending Josh to the floor twice in as many minutes. The sepals and petals are free or more or less united, the stamens as many or twice as many as the petals; the carpels, usually free, are equal to the petals in number, and form in the fruit follicles with two or more seeds. In the 18th century France once or twice thought of establishing colonies here. Examples of how to use the word 'twice' in a sentence. Two other members of this distinguished family of the Valerian gens may be mentioned: Marcus Valerius Messalla, father of the preceding, consul in 53 B.C. A small, round object twice the size of a dinner plate appeared from the chasm and skimmed over several feet of grass to reach them. example: I will appreciate it if you WILL send me my bag . By analogy with the spin of a rigid body, the component spin of the fluid in any plane at a point is defined as the circulation round a small area in the plane enclosing the point, divided by twice the area. If you loved her enough to destroy the world for her, then you know the pain Kris has been through twice. How can I avoid from using "through" twice in this sentence?-----The First Party shall pay the wage of the Second Party *through* Payroll Bank sytem of Mandiri Bank *through* transfer to the bank account of the Second Party. Wit once bought is worth twice taught. Henry was twice married, first to Sarah Skelton, and second to Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge, a grand-daughter of Governor Alexander Spotswood. The welding together of the great Kosala kingdom, more than twice the size of England, in the very centre of the settled country, led insensibly but irresistibly to the establishment of a standard of speech, and the standard followed was the language used at the court at Savatthi in the Nepalese hills, the capital of Kosala. Valdemar was twice married, his first consort being Dragomir (Dagmar) of Bohemia, his second Berengaria of Portugal. Once or twice he was shouted at for being in the way. The Board meets twice a year to confirm the strategic direction. She rushed forward, screaming when Talon's dagger fell twice, thrice, five times. Prior to 1902 the million mark was reached only twice - in 1894 and 1895. But now, under the idea that an alliance between Charles and Orange would be more hostile to English liberty than would the progress of the French arms, he acted with Barillon in influencing members of parliament in this sense, and is twice mentioned as receiving the sum of Soo guineas from the ambassador. Once bit [bitten] twice shy. He won a brilliant victory over the forces of Saladin at Arsuf (1191), and twice led the Christian host within a few miles of Jerusalem. It's perfectly valid as is. ), the discoverer of the square of a lune, showed that the problem reduced to the determination of two mean proportionals between two given lines, one of them being twice the length of the other. He is doing about twice as much business as last year. It was twice sacked by the French in 1799. Bavarian Corps with five divisions in front line and about twice that number in support. Accordingly the number of electric cells into which the space round is cut up is equal to twice the energy stored up, or each cell contains half a unit of energy. He was twice married, first to Anna Barton, a sister of John Sterling's wife, secondly to a half-sister of his friend Archdeacon Hare. I went to the shopping mall and bought a few earrings. 35- The important rock is twice offered in ai investment.. 36- Let guests bowl twice on each turn. hagorah; the Arabic equivalent term is a kilt from thigh to knee) varied, as the monuments show, in richness and design, and could be used as a sword-belt or pocket much in the same way as the modern native uses the long cloth twined twice or thrice around his body. They'd circled it twice, but the blast had scorched dirt, trees, and any traces of Lana over a hundred meters in every direction beyond the crater. When we married, I was twenty-eight and he was fifty-two—nearly twice my age—two years older than my father! No. The former hall of the grand council, built in 1327, was converted into the chief theatre of Siena by Riccio in 1560, and, after being twice burnt, was rebuilt in 1753 from Bibbiena's designs. The highest induction reached in these experiments was 45,350 units, more than twice the value of any previously recorded. Probably ten times the age of the birches that formed the forest, it was ten times as thick and twice as tall as they. The figure of seventy-million pounds was twice as big as expected. Is this awkward and unnatural? Still wearing the garb of Hell, Darkyn's mate was sporting fangs with her pink hair and a heavy sultriness that made Deidre look twice. But the interval b bc" gives nearly twice as many beats and is not nearly so dissonant. Examples of twice in a sentence: 1. The Palazzo del Comune, with its lofty arched substructures at the back, was the work of Margaritone d'Arezzo, but has been since twice restored. from tip to tip, twice sustained itself in the air for 12 minutes (the full time for which it was supplied with fuel and water), and traversed on each occasion a distance of over half a mile, falling gently into the water when the engines stopped. Another method of enabling more work to be done in a given time in a given cistern is the use of a bag twice the ordinary length, open at both ends. She'd been there twice before today and only knocked once for fear he'd answer. Example sentences with the word twice. 4. Since leaving college, she'd stayed in shape through the local gym, where she lifted weights and forced herself onto a cardio machine twice a week. His relations with the grand-dukes of Muscovy were friendly on the whole, and twice he married orthodox Russian princesses; but this did not prevent him from besieging Moscow in 1368 and again in 1372, both times unsuccessfully. Sentence with the word twice. In the intervening period the assessed valuation of realty in Boston increased more than 100%, while that of personalty slightly diminished (the corresponding figures for the entire United States from 1860 to 1890 being 172% and 12%), yet the most competent business and expert opinions regarded the true value of personalty as at least equal to and most likely twice as great as that of realty. twice as many in a sentence - Use "twice as many" in a sentence 1. Twice, though the first time is not common knowledge. Twice they noticed the French appearing below them, and then they fired grapeshot at them. 2. The lumber and timber products were valued in 1905 at $10,901,650, almost twice their valuation in 1890, and an increase of 1. The natural (laevo) base is twice as toxic as the dextro. Coloman was twice married, (1) in 1097 to Buzella, daughter of Roger, duke of Calabria, the chief supporter of the pope, and (2) in 1112 to the Russian princess, Euphemia, who played him false and was sent back in disgrace to her kinsfolk the following year. Sarah had only seen him cry twice through all the years. They circled the room twice before a hand reached up and tapped Alex on the shoulder. In the hope of repressing their encroachments, Jansen was sent twice to Madrid, in 1624 and 1626; the second time he narrowly escaped the Inquisition. on twice the vertical projection of one truss, no train being supposed to be on the bridge. The prosperity of the town has been revived in modern times by the establishment by the railway company of a branch line from Sittingbourne in connexion with a service of mail and passenger steamers to Flushing (Holland), which run twice daily. The flocks were shorn twice annually (a practice common to several Asiatic countries), and the ewes yeaned twice a year. Of her numerous temples at Rome, the most ancient was appropriately in the forum olitorium (vegetable market), built during the first Punic war, and since that time twice burnt down and restored.
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